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Retro Pixel Defense

The evil force has eroded pixel world. This is the last piece of pure land in the pixel world.
In order to guard our base, defend against the enemy’s attack.
Come to the Retro Pixel Defense! Use various throwing weapons and skills to stop enemies’ attack!
Game Features:
1. Multiple roles and rich characteristic
There are 20 characters waiting for you choose, such as Skull, Goblin, Orc, God of Death, Envoy of Death, Sword of Life, etc.
Each character has its own position. For example, the profession of Goblin is robber, Envoy of Death is a great magician, and God of Death is a necromancer, and so on. The effects of different occupations are different, and a reasonable match will bring you an unexpected effect.
2. Different game modes
There are survival mode, unlimited mode, and trial towers.
Survival mode is to use all limited resources to protect base, the longer you survival, the better scores you can get.
The unlimited mode and trial towers will open when the number of days of survival reaches a certain level, and Retro Pixel Defense is waiting for you to explore.
3. Various game elements
You can upgrade your base, strengthen walls, strengthen defenses, expand bases, and increase your defenses.
You can upgrade your character, hire more people, learn more skills and become stronger.
You can research and improve some technologies and increase the comprehensive strength of your base.

Version : 2.1.0
Root : No
Mod :

- Modify a lot of currency
Note :
Mod not work → inbox me  : vietgamemod
How to install :
- Uninstall playstore version
- Dowload Apk and install
- Play
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