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The "Brideless" game features exquisite Korean style, multi-role operation, skill matching, more playability, and the addition of card (constellation) elements at the same time. The game abandons the monotonous gameplay that the traditional card game can't actually operate against, innovatively adds the micro-arbitrary free movement, double-click to set fire release skills and other operations. And give the ashes of the player more space to operate. You can mix and match as you like. The entire law team, the whole team, and the three-insurance team have a match for you. Cool skill effects and novel fighting gameplay will open the heroic tour of competitive micro game

Version : 1.0.0
Root : No
Mod :

- vip7
- 11888 diamond
- 300,000 gold coins
- 200 physical strength
Note :
Mod not work → inbox me  : vietgamemod
How To Install :
- Delete version Playstore
- Dowload Apk and install
- Play
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