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"Do not let me risk" is a sandbox turn-based adventure action RPG mobile game, easy to hang up full income, ultra-popular combination of super cute confrontation, as well as cool and gorgeous skill effects! The game is a one-month high-black night. The ordinary young man is talking about you! The fateful encounter with the goddess of dreams opened the battle between the real world and the second world. The youngsters who venture in the world of the second world, through their integration with fate, burst their talents, rolling all the way through the five scum and saving the world.

Version : 1.1.20
Root : No
Mod :

1.) 6,000 diamonds
2.) 50w gold coins
Note :
Mod not work → inbox me  : vietgamemod
How To Install :
- Delete version Playstore
- Dowload Apk and install
- Play
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