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Team Guardian : legend of 23 heroes

■ MMO style legitimate network Action RPG! 
※ Don’t miss our opening ceremony EVENT~! ※
■ Diverse game modes that won’t give you a break 

1:1 Live PVP System
Dominate your opponent with your characters by strategizing the battles.
More than 20 different classes for characters.
PVP battle with AI at the 'Forgotten Golden City'
A stronger Giant Boss Raid system
Dungeons other than the Normal Stage includes Escorting, Annihilation, Defense and much more
A sub story mode “Archives” that will add joy and details to the main story. 

Version : 2.2.2
Root : No
Mod :

- Damage x20 - SFX OFF
- Defense x20 - BGM OF
Note : If you can't connect sever . Go to "Android/Data/" Find this "iRepoAR_TG222" Delete this and reinstall the mod.
Creadit : iAlex - Esclusive Modding Team
How To Install :
- Unstall version CHplay
- Dowload Apk
- Install Apk
- Play
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