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Survival Island: Primal Land

Lost island and no one nearby. Just you and wild nature. Will you survive? Time will tell!
This is the way you start the survival island games adventure: Survival Island: Primal Land!
You are lost! Somewhere on the edge of the world. By your own. Without anyone and anything to help. What would you do? For the beginning you’d look around. You’ve got a tent! So there is a shelter and survival at night in the deep jungle forest on a tropical island is much easier with it, especially If you'll be able to tame a pet. 
Survival life won’t be easy while you have no escape. But don’t give up! You have to survive by all means! 

Version : 1.5
Root : No
Mod :

Note : 
Mod not work → inbox fanpage facebook.com/vietgamemod
How to install :
- Unstall version CHplay
- Dowload Apk 
- Install Apk
- Play
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