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Saiyan Battle

Do you like fighting game? Do you like the amazing skills of Super Saiyan hero as goku, vegeta, Jiren …? Goku Saiyan Final Battle is base on a story of heroes fighting against enemies to save the world. In this game, you have chance to become warrior in saiyan world, use cool skills like Ki Blast, Kamehameha, Bigbang attack, Dragon Recall … to kill enemy and get highest score. Each characters has individual special skills such as transform into ssj form, ssj blue form, kaioken attack to inscrease speed and attack damage ...

Version : 1.1
Root : No
Mod :

- Money
- Mana
- Heart
How To Install :
- Unstall version CHplay
- Dowload Apk
- Install Apk
- Play
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