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King Battle-Fighting Hero legend

Build your own epic hero in "King battle: Fighting Hero legend" and join the most exciting adventures in history!
The evil army launched a war . The dragon was also demonizing . They were extremely cruel . Blood made them feel crazy . At this time , the respected hero , you need to take up arms , fight for justice and peace for the world . Defeat all the monsters , called the epic hero , explore the collapse of the monster world , enjoy good quality comparable to the host of the game , but to experience new combat system to get started , you will not be idle , a thrilling battle will make you too busy to attend to all ! Hero is back , abandon the cozy life, in order to prevent the monster from the kingdom of hegemony and start the ARPG battle !

Version : 1.0
Root : No
Mod :

- One Hit Kill
- God Mode
- No Skill Cooldown
- Movement Speed x5
- Free Coins¹
- Free Diamonds²
¹ Add 10000 Coins per click.
² Add 1000 Diamonds per click.
How To Install :
- Unstall version CHplay
- Dowload Apk and Install
- Play
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