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Deadroom 2: Rebirth

And it's happened - Deadroom: Rebirth is alive! It's both hard and interesting. Each level is a huge maze filled with angry robots and deadly traps. Your objective is simple - find the way out and stay alive.
One time there will be a very cool game description with tricky marketing, but as for now I can't figure out anything like this :)
The game is in the very beginning of its path! There will eb a plenty of updates in the future, so don't hesistate to drop me an email.

Version : 1.5.5
Root : No
Mod :

1. Crack full version
Note : 
Mod not work → inbox fanpage facebook.com/vietgamemod
How to install :
- Uninstall playstore version
- Dowload Apk and install
- Play
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