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Tip: game recharge rebate, please contact customer service QQ: 3587 8658528; (full recharge 100 yuan on the day, began to rebate; recharge the same day contact customer service applications, overdue will not be processed)
★ Recharge ratio 1:200, first flush ratio 1:400 (extra gift diamond red envelope) highest gift return profit 1000000 diamonds;
★ VIP8 presented on the line, diamonds *12888, gold coins * 8 million, physical strength * 300, vip value pack ultra-ultra-low-cost purchase;
★ The first punch gift super pack: the best red digital beast, Blazing equipment, diamond * 3000 (mail receive);
★ Super welfare, let you play, log in to send diamonds, 100,000 diamonds, etc.
★ Daily login can enjoy daily free VIP8 exclusive benefits, upgrade VIP level, higher exclusive benefits waiting for your collar;
★ expand the ultimate digital beast access and access speed, so that you are immersed in the experience of that extraordinary digital world;
★ Modified the acquisition rate of various materials, active players can get a good growth;
★ Time-limited activities, courtesy on the 7th, on the line every day to enjoy treasure resources, can also take the orange digital beast for free on the 7th;
★ Open service fund 10 times rebate, a total of 100,000 diamonds returned, only 10,000 diamonds to buy. The general welfare receives a large number of cherished culture props, coins, diamonds, etc.
★ Sign up to receive 21,000 diamonds each month, 2100000 gold coins, treasure *500 refined stone, evolution crystal * 700, a lot of physical energy and other agents;
★ 25 yuan worth of monthly card, buy immediately get 5,000 diamonds, can receive 1800 diamonds per day;
★ 50 yuan worth of monthly card, buy immediately get 10,000 diamonds, can receive 4,000 diamonds per day;

Version : 1.0.4
Root : No
Mod :

- Diamonds 12888
- Gold coins 8 million
- Physical strength 300
Note :
Play sever B1 → B5
How To Install :
- Unstall version CHplay
- Dowload Apk and Install
- Play
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