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Wings of Glory: 3D MMOPRG & Trade weapons freely

Wings of Glory is a 3D online real-time MMOPRG game that covers the most popular game types on the market: collection 100+ kinds of Cute Pets & cool Mounts; blood PVP, PVE battles and so on. There are more modes waiting for you, come on with friends to fight against the darkness.
Version :
Root : No
Mod :

One Hit Kill ¹
God Mode ¹
x10 Attack ¹
x10 Defense ¹
No Skill Cooldown ²
¹ Working In all PvE client-based instances.
² Working Everywhere.\
Mod by Yeowang
P/S :
- "x10 Attack" only work if "One Hit Kill" is OFF.
- "x10 Defense" only work if "God Mode" is OFF
- If you can't login in the official apk you can't login in the modded apk also
- Always check the latest modded apk released by me before asking for update . the mod apk have the date when it was mad ( DD-MM-YY) so if you don't have the latest one installed try it out
Note :
Mod not work → inbox me  : vietgamemod
Stuck at loadding ? 
1. uniinstall the game
2. download and install "bypass" Apk enter the game and download all data ( login inside the game withe your character and also download the aditional data )
3. download and install the modded apk
4. have fun
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