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Thợ Săn Huyền Thoại (Private)

Tip: game recharge rebate, please contact customer service QQ: 1615893318; (full recharge 100 yuan on the day, began to rebate; recharge the same day contact customer service applications, overdue will not be processed)
"Full-time Hunter" was presented with VIP6, 8888 diamonds and 50W gold coins.
"Full-time Hunter" recharge ratio 1:300, for the first time recharge double return, send out of print red weapons;
"Full-time hunter" upgrade VIP can enjoy luxury VIP privilege, multi-time signing ceremony;
"Full-time Hunter" receives 4,000 diamonds for monthly cards and 1500 diamonds for 30 days.
"Full-time hunters" receive 8,000 diamonds for the Supreme Card and receive 4,000 diamonds per day forever; "Full-time hunter" personal BOSS, BOSS, variation BOSS, 24-hour refresh;
"Full-time Hunter" cross-service King League, Ladder, Arena, Libra, let you show off style; "Full-time hunter" buys daily funds, reinforcements and props to get rich diamonds and collects fund packages every day;
"Full-time hunter" sign to send luxury gift, accumulative sign-in can receive a large number of diamonds, gold coins, enhanced stone and other props;
"Full-time hunter" battle collections, welfare centers, growth goals, seven-day surprises, etc., can all receive generous diamond rewards;

Version : 2.0.0
Root : No
Mod :

1. VIP6,
2. 8888 diamonds
3. 50W gold coins
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How To Dowload :
How To Install :
- Uninstall playstore version
- Dowload Apk and install
- Play
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