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Pipe Infectors - Pipe Puzzle

Do you enjoy puzzle games? Do you like to help humiliated people to take their revenge? Here comes the perfect game for you: Pipe Infectors is not only a simple pipe puzzle game. Yes! It is challenging! It is addictive! It is brain teasing! It is fun! It is an exciting time killer! It is perfect pastime joy! It is a free puzzle for kids and adults and contains no ads if you do not want to double up your game wins! 
But it is also adventurous with a Huuge Mission: To take the revenge of every humiliated plumber in the world! This is a global riot spreading all around the country! And all has started by THAT single MAN of his kind!

Version : 1.1
Root : No
Mod :

1. unlimited gold
How to download :
How to install :
- Unstall version CHplay
- Dowload Apk
- Install APK
- Play
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