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Dota Mobile Legend 2

Tip: game recharge rebate, please contact customer service QQ: 1615893318; 
(full recharge 100 yuan on the day, began to rebate; recharge the same day contact customer service applications, overdue will not be processed) 
"Legend of Turret Tower 2" was presented with V, 9888 diamonds and 50W gold coins on the line, (full V collection method - activity - rise of the chaotic world team);
"The Legend of Turret 2" has a recharge ratio of 1:300. The first charge is a double gift, and the first charge gift package is sent to the powerful S hero;
"Legend of Turret Tower 2" landed for the first time to send Nature Mage - Druid, signed the next day to send meat pier - Xiaoqiang;
"Skull Legend 2" has a total of 6000 diamonds in 7 days, and it can get a powerful hero - Astral Master. "Diagram Legend 2" immediately receives 4,000 diamonds for purchase of monthly cards, and can also receive 1500 diamonds per day;
"Dragon Legend 2" buys a permanent eternal card and immediately receives 8,000 diamonds, and can also receive 3,000 diamonds a day. "The Legend of Turret 2" receives a total of 55,500 diamonds for daily check-in, and VIP doubles for oh.

Version : 1.00
Root : No
Mod :

- Full Vip 15
- 10,000 Diamond
- 50W Gold
How to get vip :
How to install :
- Uninstall playstore version
- Dowload Apk and install
- Play
Link :