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2047 Covenant

Newest 3D view Cute RPG mobile game designed for you.
Real-time control battle - to control swift character!
Over 200 fashions for you to design the exclusive style!
◆Strategic mode
The core of the game is "RealTime Strategy". There is no boring autobattle in game. Player must form the units into columns and command them in the battle. 2047 Covenant is a global war game that actually operated with Tactics and Strategy.
◆Muti-Micro Control
RealTiming battle requires swift reaction. Units can be formed as different teams to form Charge line, Support forces and Fire power.  You can completely change the war outcome. 
This is not just a mobile game, it is also a brain tour with your hands.

Version : 1.0.1
Root : No
Mod :

1. Attack Multiplied
2. Health Multiplied
3. Always Critical
4. Weak Enemies
5. Enemy Can't Attack
Note :
Mod not work → inbox me  : vietgamemod
How To Install :
- Delete version Playstore
- Download File
- Install Apk
- Move file com.starpy.gbml   sdcard / android / obb 
- Play
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