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100 DAYS - Zombie Survival

■ Survival mode unlocked!
■ New items, stages and zombies!
■ Adjusted difficulty level.
■ Synopsis
Once an ordinary man, Peter is left to survive in midst of a zombie apocalypse. As he fights against them, his strength and skill grows.
Your job is simple - survive.
■ Features
Kill zombies and collect Gold to upgrade teammates and various installations - to kill more zombies!
Simply tap to fire your gun.
Your tapping speed determines the firing speed.
Hire teammates to increase chance of survival in this world of despair.
Experience this simple, yet strategic game!

Version : 2.3
Root : No
Mod :

1.) Money
2.) Gems
How To Install :
- Unstall version CHplay
- Dowload Apk
- Install Apk
- Play
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