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World Manga 2

Tip: game recharge rebate, please contact customer service QQ: 3587 8658528; (full recharge 100 yuan on the day, began to rebate; recharge the same day contact customer service applications, overdue will not be processed)
"Full Democracy Corner" game will be filled with V, 18,888 diamonds and 1.8 million gold coins.
"Full Democracy Corner" recharge ratio 1:500 For the first time,
"Full Democracy Corner" recharges and enjoys double the benefits of the first flush "Delivery of the Whole Democracy" unprecedented value feedback program, the first seven days of consumption, the latter seven days free of charge;
"Full Democracy Corner" opens its carnival, sending 6 stars to the Level-I Mage Diji, and 10,000+ diamonds every day.
"Democratic Corner" unique activation type monthly card, no need to purchase, you can enjoy the monthly card recharge requirements; There are many more ways to play
"Democracy Corner", enriching luxury rewards

Version :
Root : No
Sever :

1. Full VIP
2. 18888 Diamond
3. 180W Coins
How To Dowload :
How To Install :
- Delete version Playstore
- Dowload Apk and install
- Play
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