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Stickman Fighter Epic Battle 2

The most epic stickman Fighter game is now available.
Play now to : "Stickman Fighter Epic Battle 2". 
You must defend yourself and attack hordes of stickman' fighters. Kill them all !
A crowd of renegade stickman have started to rapt people. You are their last hope !!! A super well trained martial art fighter. You will have to use powerfull weapons to stop the ennemies. You can end this... But this is going to be an epic battle.
You must defend yourself and kick all the ennemies. Whatever happens !
Version : 13
Root : No
Mod :
- Nâng cấp kỹ năng tiền không giảm

How to install :
- Uninstall playstore version
- Dowload Apk and Install

- Play
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